Dedicated to Culture, Community & Understanding

The Learning Museum of Religious Tolerance

T he museum located in Historic All Saints offers a self-guided video tour on interactive kiosks that explain the world's religions in a non-promotional, unbiased format. You’ll learn about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Indigenous, Chinese Traditional and even Non-Religions. Throughout your learning experience, the Saints Center doesn’t ask you to endorse anyone’s faith, but hope you will respect the richness and diversity of human faith and people’s religious freedom. We feel that studying religion opens your mind to the world’s many rituals and traditions that give new meaning to why we are here. You become a scholar of the world.


The concept of the Learning Museum for Religious Tolerance sprang from the fate that befell the once Catholic church after an arsonist, filled with hate for the Catholic church and an intolerance for religion, set the building on fire in 1995. Educational programming is offered and the museum and conference center is available for private tolerance training and meetings.

The Learning Museum is a perfect setting and format for educating students of all ages. Contact us about bringing your group to the museum for a unique classroom experience in what was once the victim of a hate crime.

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